How I got started Quilting.

So, as if I needed one more hobby, I have taken up quilting.  I ran across a baby quilt made for me by my Great Aunt Daisy and hung it on our bedroom wall.  The wheels started turning (not always a good thing) and I thought about how wonderful it is to still have it and a part of her.  How great would it be to make one for each of my kids and grands (grand count at this time is 7).  I have always loved sewing but making clothes was just not a thing I liked.  I would start something and then loose interest.

 A lady (friend) I follow on YouTube, Trish Peek, quilts and I watched some of her videos.  At first I thought I would take a class but the more I studied up on it and watched videos, I began to think I could do this without a class.  My dear hubbie, who is my greatest fan, said he thought so too.  I decided to make a "throw" or lap quilt for all my grands (7) and kids and other family and friends.

I now can not even begin to imagine NOT quilting.  Crafting is also a big part of my life and I love to create with stained glass too. 

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  1. So exciting!!! Really all it takes is someone saying "Yes, you can"!!!! So happy to have my Texas quilting buddy!!! (Always good to have someone who understands your addiction!!!)
    Hugs to you, Carol -


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