Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quilt for a Friend

I saw a pinwheel quilt pattern I thought was really cute. Link to inspiration quilt. I had some a charm pack, Lily's Garden Spice so I got started on this quilt with no one in mind for who it would be for.
 I love pinwheels and I love making them.  Something so satisfying when they come together perfect.
For the back, I made a jelly roll run for the jelly roll from the same fabric
I love the bright colors and how this turned out.  I sent it to it's new home on Galveston Island at the home of one of my oldest friends, Je Layne.  We've known each other since we were little bitty.  Our mothers worked together and were great friends.  I have spent much time at their home when I was a kid. 
Pictures of this quilt were taken by my friend Penny Raymer.

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  1. Carol, these are beautiful! This reminds me of my mother who used to quilt a lot.


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